We are looking for individuals who like to drive and work well with children. Our agency provides transportation and supervision for children and their parents involved through the department of Children and Family Services. Your job description would be to transport and/or supervise children and their parents in a safe, child-friendly environment. You must be able to document well and you must be able to keep client information confidential.

Education and Work Experience required:

  • High School Diploma or G.E.D
  • 2 years of documented experience working with children infant to 18 year range (this may be volunteer or paid experience)


  • Must Be 21 years if age or older
  • Successfully pass a background check
  • Valid driver's license
  • Good driving history
  • Valid Vehicle insurance

Essential Job Functions:

  • Supervise interactions and intervene when necessary
  • Report any and all safety concerns
  • Carefully document each visit
  • Process all paperwork in the required time frames
  • Attend required training's and staff meetings
  • Follow all policies and procedures

In order to apply you must submit the following for processing:

  • Job application
  • Background check form—We will provide this upon request
  • Copy of Valid Driver's license
  • Copy of Valid vehicle insurance
  • 3 year driver's abstract
  • Copy of education, high school diploma or GED, (transcripts with graduation date will suffice as well)
  • Resume highlighting 2 years experience working with children
  • 2 letters of reference (may be personal or professional)